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Bodybuilding Workout Routines

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In this section you'll find from time to time new workout routines that are proven to deliver great results. Some of the routines are intended to pack on some muscle mass, others are intended to give you great strength gains. They are always tested and proven to work great for you. This site is free, but don't downplay these routines because of this. Try them out and have a look at the results. While I cannot deliver every advice or workout routine for free, I want to give out first class advice and routines to people that cannot afford or don't know my products.

With about 20 years of experience in the iron game, I can tell you one thing: Without good routines and advice you'll waste years before you start making great gains. Probably you'll give up before you ever reach this point.

So check out X-Adaptation and the routines you'll find below: 

How to add 120 pounds to your squat within the next 6 weeks with 15 minutes of training each week

Full Body Bodybuilding Workout

Super-sizing your workouts with Supersets

Pre Exhaustion - the next level of muscle building workouts

Get super bodybuilding results with this Drop Sets workout

Triple your muscle gains with Tri Sets for mass

The giant Sets training routine for giant-sized muscle growth

The 10X10 workout: German Volume Training for bodybuilders

Split bodybuilding routines and workouts

4 Day Workout

Static Contraction Training Routine

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Workout

Frank Zane Workout

Women's Bodybuilding Workout

Full Body Workout vs Split Routines

Shoulder Routine for Mass

Off Season Workouts

How often should you change your workout routine

Beginner Workout Routine

Intermediate Workout Routine

Advanced Workout Routine

Arm Routine for Mass

Abdominal Routine for Six Pack Abs

Chest Routine for Size

Super Slow Repetitions

5 Sets of 5 Reps Method

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